Pooja Public School Pooja Public Sr. Sec. School (10+2)
05614-254734 (fax)
Gopalpura Mod Bhadrauli
Bah District Agra- 283113
We have well equipped Science, Mathematics and Computer Laboratories, library, reading room.
Higher Number of Students reflects our ever rowing popularity.
A Higher Level of Discipline in the premises.
We have a lush green campus having vehicle parking stand, Empty parking area for Buses.
Our Vision:-
The Pooja Public Sr. Sec. School aims to be an institution of excellence, dedicated to producing leaders of the future.
Our Mission:-

To fulfill the vision, The Pooja Public Sr. Sec. School provides an environment in which every student discovers and realizes his full potential.The school should attract the best talent - students, teachers and facilitators - from all Remote parts of India , without distinction of race, religion, caste, or social status.

The Pooja Public Sr. Sec. School, must maintain a sharp focus on the pursuit of knowledge and skill. In particular, it must attain the highest academic standards.

Our Motto:-
1- Knowledge
2- Creativity
3- Self realization

“Knowledge is a valuable ornament which can’t be distributed. it provides us politeness, amiable behaviour and dignified place in the society.”

Without Knowledge (Education) men is like an animal. So we peruse in the field of Education to produce not only literate but educated progeny.
Education means a knowledgeable, cultured, well mannered person. Its not necessary every literate person should be educated, but every educated person is literate.

Self realization is the best weapon to eradicate some ones evils and make them happy.

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